Happy New Year 2018

  • Monday, Jan. 1, 2018 11:30 a.m. WIB

Happy new year 2018!  




It is undeniable that the joy of welcoming the new year can be felt by all the people of the world. So is the case with all the directors and employees of PT POSCO ICT INDONESIA who have been getting ready since 05:00 am to welcome the first sun in the new year 2018.


Just like the previous year's celebration, this time the company also did an annual agenda to welcome the 2018 sun at Merak port and was attended by approximately 150 people. During the event, President Director Kim Kyung Shik expressed his gratitude to all directors and employees for their togetherness, cooperation and maximum performance in the previous year and invited employees together to welcome the year 2018 with greater passion. 

After the ceremony at Merak port, the participants moved to a place for breakfast together and to give awards to outstanding employees. The award is  The Role Model Award for 5 employees and The Best Employee for 8 employees. The event was closed by eating a morning dish of special new year food from Korean ginseng country, tteokguk. (Ni Made Paramesti Rahayu - Management Support Department) 

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