central maintenance

Central Maintenance Departement, is the repair and maintenance Instrument & electric and also perform the process control system in a special section, this department handles a section process that associated with the production.

Environmental Management System


Measuring Control Team

Measuring Control Team Profile

Laboratory Team

Power Control Team

The work is repair and maintenance of both electrical control part or control parts of the instrument.
Areas of our work is:
1. Area of Boiler (modifier of water into steam or gas)
2. Area of Turbine generator (energy-burning electricity producers)
3. Area of Demi Water (processing water to be piped into the boiler)
4. Area of Sea Water Intake (use sea water for cooling the condenser)

Central Repair Team

Working area Central Repair Team is divided into two sections:
Electric Repair
1. Rewinding process of electric motors for damages coil
2. Change Bearing (process of electric motors for damage bearing )
3. Heating ( drying process for removing moisture in electric motors
4. Testing ( process to know the feasibility of electric motors )
5. Sampling Oil Transformer ( take the oil transformer for testing )
6. Test Oil Transformer ( oil quality testing to know with vacuum degassing and break down voltage )
7. Oil Tiltering ( filtering process oil transformer )
8. Repair Transformer ( transformer process repaired )
Crane Repair
1. Inspection and Maintenance (activities are made to ensure the working machinery and equipment used for optimal)
2. Trouble Shooting ( work done when there is damage and can finish well )