To all of you who are visiting homepage of Posco DX Indonesia we say WELCOME!

We Posco DX Indonesia is a subsidiary of Korean Steel Company that has global competitiveness. Posco DX is included in the POSCO Group, which is a company engaged in the field of facility management for maintenance Motor Drive Control System, DCS, PLC, facility transmission/distribution, IT Solutions and Network MES / ERP of PT. Krakatau POSCO which is a joint-venture company with a local Indonesian Company, PT. Krakatau Steel.

Posco DX as an Engineering Solution Provider is required in the production activities such as process control systems, computerized management system of production, Field Sensor, ERP and others, hopes to contribute to the industrial development in Indonesia, which has abundant resources and very good human resources.

Posco DX, since the first POSCO operate its facility in 1972 in a long period of time has played an important role in maintaining and developing high quality and productivity. And now, through the High Convergence Technology, which is based on the experience and professionalism, we will provide new value for Indonesia.

New Tomorrow (new future) we all dream, we create together with you

All Dreams Become Reality

The world we live in today is making a new value through the harmonization of humans, objects and technology. ICT technologies are developing a way to create a harmonious relationship between man and man, man and material and people in the community. All facilities at industrial sites connected via sensor, then all data collected in here are analyzed in Big Data to predict the future. In the perspective of optimizing the limited energy, consumption is done as efficiently as possible to make our lives become better and productive. Thus ICT combines all the daily routines and make previously impossible dream to be possible to be true.

Smart World, Creating the Future (Make a Smarter World)

Posco DX make the world smarter through Technology Convergence combined with Knowledge of the IT Knowledge and Industrial Knowledge. ICT applying technology to create a working environment that is creative and create Smart Factory that use IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data at Industrial Site. Automatically control facility and factory buildings, supporting that energy can be used efficiently and control the production of fine dust in the air at the industrial site in order to create a cleaner environment. Posco DX creates solutions for Smart World, to Create Tomorrow.

Strive Together for the Happier Future

Posco DX, we strive together to make the happier world. For this thing, we listened to every aspiration and solve problems in your question and find the possibility to create a better world. For a happier tomorrow, customer/shareholder/partner/employer together with all stakeholders implement social responsibility in business through ethics management, fair trade, win - win management and create the future for all of you with confidence and certainty.

Thinking of new things and then change them yourself and create a better tomorrow with the technology and amazing service.

We expect support and tremendous support from all of you to our powerful steps, Posco DX.

Thank you.

President Director,